Tuesday, November 3, 2015

All That Sparkles

Yesterday I had the pleasure of starting a deep, thorough clean on a home. By "deep, thorough clean," I mean pulling out furniture and cleaning underneath, cleaning blinds, washing baseboards, washing windows, etc. Basically you clean every single thing in a space. You get the idea, yes. It's a labor intensive, time consuming process. But the finished result is astonishing!

Notice I took the photo after the glassware in the top half of the curio cabinet had been cleaned
I am only going to share a snippet of yesterday's progress with you. I love crystal. I love glass. I LOVE most anything SHINY! My client has a gorgeous cabinet filled with crystal glassware. It had been a minute since this beautiful display had been polished and shined. 

Notice the shine on that glass!

Are you thinking, "I bet she used a ton of paper towels!"? Not one! I get it we live in this day of disposable everything. Paper towels are so handy. You just wipe away the mess and toss it in the trash. But have you ever noticed that paper towels leave a lint trail, especially on glass? 

I like to use Norwex cleaning cloths. These cloths are amazing! Norwex cloths are a microfiber material and are made in Norway. I was introduced to this product last year and fell in love! Another great thing about using these cloths, there's no need to use harsh cleaning products. Now I'm not saying I've given all of my cleansers the boot, but a little water on the EnviroCloth to wash, and buff dry to a shine with the window cloth and glass looks like new. 

I borrowed the following images from the Norwex website. I don't know that Norwex Cleaning Cloths and products can be purchased online, but you can go through the company's website and find a Norwex representative in your area. The only down side to theses products, in my humble opinion, is the price. These three cloths range in price from $16 to $18 each. 

Norwex Dusting Mitt

Norwex EnviroCloth

Norwex Window Cloth
I love shiny, sparkly things so go shine your pretties, take pics and share them with me. 

Blessings~ Melanie